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Frank and Yvonne
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Who we are and what we can do for you

We are Yvonne and Frank. Two professional, full-time photographers. Together we are a Better Landscape Photo. We now have 15 years of experience together in organizing and supervising workshops, courses and nature photography trips. We are happy to share our passion for photography with you.

With our enthusiasm and in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, we help you grow in photography.

Frank and Yvonne about Beter Landscape photo:

“We use our creative freedom to capture a subject or landscape in a way that appeals to us personally. For this we use many different creative techniques on location. We like to go out. Not only during the golden hour in perfect conditions. We consciously look at all elements, and we work with that. Every type of light and every type of weather is photography weather. “

Photography is human work. The result you create is very personal. Sometimes you feel the need to improve your photography. We are there for novice and advanced landscape, coastal and macro photographers. Working with people suits us. That is our passion in addition to photography. Before we focused full-time on photography, our working life consisted largely of transferring knowledge and experience, responding to personal situations, presenting and performing. We now combine that experience with photography. You will also recognize the passion and enjoyment in a personal contact with us.

We will not only let you discover how to shoot better, but also how to get the most out of a location under the given circumstances. This way you are master of the circumstances and your photo in every situation. And you can also take top photos at other locations. We teach you all the subtleties of the profession. We work with a maximum of five participants per accompanying photographer. This way everyone always gets enough time and attention to get the most out of it.

You get a complete experience with us: an extensive e-book in advance and a tool with tips and tricks, feedback on photos during the workshop, photo tour or course, personal guidance and extensive written feedback afterwards. Lunch and dinner locations and high quality hotels are included where applicable. We think it is just as important that you just have a fun and educational time with us. That’s what we do for you …

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us at Also make sure to look at our Workshops and Courses …